New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance Endorses Spitzer for Governor

On the eve of Labor Day, the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance has announced it's formal endorsement of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer as the next Governor of New York State.   The Workers' Compensation Alliance is a coalition of advocates for over 200,000 injured workers throughout New York State.  The Alliance is committed to protecting and improving the benefits available to injured workers under the New York Workers' Compensation Law.

As Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer has exposed insurance company bid rigging scandals and  profit gouging which have driven up the cost of workers' compensation for small and big business alike.   He seems to understand that the real culprit in escalating workers compensation costs is the insurance industry, not claimants or employers.

Finally, he understands the almost century old historic bargain between employees and employers that the New York Workers' Compensation Law represents.  In the wake of the horrific Triangle Factory Fire in lower Manhattan, such a bargain suited both employee and employer interests. Employees gave up their right to sue their employers for on the job injuries in return for prompt medical and wage loss benefits.  This decreased litigation and  prevented business' from being wiped out by one catastrophic injury. 

 If Attorney General Spitzer's record of accomplishment standing up to some of the most powerful corporate interests for the benefit of the little guy, including injured workers,  is any indication of his intentions as Governor, all New Yorkers (both upstate and downstate) will benefit from his future leadership.  The New York Workers' Compensation Alliance proudly endorses Eliot Spitzer for Governor and  we ask that all  injured and disabled workers in New York State to give him your vote in both the upcoming primary and the election in November. 

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