Office Workers Suffering From Lower Back Pain – Do You Have a Case?

Office Workers Suffering from Lower Back Pain The second most common injury in the workplace is back injury. Whether it is fractured vertebrae, damage to your spinal cord, herniated discs, a pinched nerve, or lower back pain or strain, suffering from back pain caused by your workplace job can make it harder for you to work. If you believe your back injury is the fault of your workplace, you may be eligible for workers compensation. As an employee, you are entitled to benefits from sustaining a back injury while working. You can file a claim with workers compensation to help cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, medications you may be taking for pain, and physical therapy payments. Treatment Filing a claim for workers compensation can be confusing, but manageable. After you report that you are having back pain to your employer, you will be asked to record specific details about the time, date, and cause of the back injury. After you file your claim, you should be given a list of approved doctors in your area that you can go to for treatment. The doctor that you choose will evaluate you and refer you to any specialists you may need, such as a podiatrist or an experienced chiropractor such as the Chiropractor Rockville MD locals trust. After you have been cleared and gotten medical attention, you will be allowed to go back to your job. Disability Levels Your disability level is contingent on how severe your injury is. Permanent total disability level means that you cannot go back to working for your former employer ever again. If you are labeled as permanently totally disabled, you will want to consider contacting an attorney because your lost wages can start to add and bills will quickly pile up. You may even have to renovate parts of your home so that you can access it (if you are wheelchair bound), and this can quickly put you further into debt. Permanent partial disability means that you are physically unable to return to your usual position at your job, but you can be transferred to a position that suits your back disability. If no position is available, you will have to look for another job. Workers compensation attorneys can help you learn your rights and sue for lost wages and medical bills. Temporary partial disability means that you can go back to work after your recovery period has ended. This is the most prevalent type of disability in the workplace. Advanced Wellness Systems Pain and Arthritis Relief CenterA personal thanks to our authors at Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into Chiropractic care.