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Vote for Eliot Spitzer Tomorrow if You Are Disabled

Need another reason to vote for Eliot Spitzer for New York Governor tomorrow? This guy just keeps on working for the little guy and fighting greedy insurance companies right up to his presumptive landslide win on Election Day. His most recent victory last week over disability claim insurer UnumProvident is just further evidence that Eliot puts injured workers first. This wasn't about getting votes (he doesn't need any more at this point) - it was about doing the right thing for disabled workers

Unum agreed to $15.5 million dollars in restitution to over charged policyholders and a $1.7 million dollar civil penalty. This settlement with UnumProvident, the nation's beleaguered yet largest long term disability claim insurer, comes on the heels of Spitzer's prior settlement with UnumProvident requiring them to re-access tens of thousands of previous unfair long term disability claim denials. Give Eliot Spitzer credit and your vote tomorrow - to date, he has done more to protect injured and disabled than any past NY Attorney General of recent memory.  The New York Workers' Compensation Alliance has been in his corner since our first fundraiser for him in April 2005. Now let's hope he protects New York workers' compensation claimants just like UnumProvident claimants in his new role as Governor. Good luck Mr. Governor!

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