NY Commissioner of Labor M. Patricia Smith to Attend Workers' Compensation Alliance Event

M. Patricia Smith, Gov. Spitzer's new Commissioner of Labor, has graciously accepted the invitation of the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance (WCA) to attend our cocktail party this Friday, September 28th, 2007 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.  The WCA event immediately precedes the New York Injured Workers Bar Association Seminar scheduled for the following day.

Commissioner Smith is making headlines in the sphere of workers' compensation by spearheading Governor Spitzer's efforts to stop employers from mislabeling "employees" as "independent contractors" -  a money saving scheme that has cost the state and honest employers alike millions of dollars in past years.  In addition, Gov. Spitzer has charged Commissioner Smith  with crafting "return to work" initiatives for injured workers. We look forward to hearing Commissioner Smith's comments on these important issues this Friday.

Any workers' compensation attorneys who have not yet signed up for this event can do so by contacting WCA Co- Chairs John Sciortino at 585-475-1100 or Troy Rosasco at 631-582-3700 x123.  Hope to see you there!



Written By:gxmcgough On October 31, 2007 8:03 PM

Poor Ms. Smith. Governor Spitzer has given her only a 1/2 loaf. While she fronts the return to work task force, Spitzer has placed all control of the workers compensation system in the NYS Insurance Department.

The Insurance Department is where the new Chair of the workers' compensation board resided for his paycheck until Spitzer finally forced Sen. Bruno to accept Spitzer's appointment as Chair. They are not about to allow Ms. Smith, a labor advocate, to have any real control of the outcomes of regulatory reform.

Some sources have indicated that Spitzer agreed not to have AMA guidelines, but that promise, like "no caps", appears to be only from his lips, not his heart.