Chiropractic Therapy Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia can definitely be difficult at time. It can cause severe pain and stiffness in the body, making it more difficult to go about your day. Sometimes the pain can be so bad that it is difficult to get out of bed to work. However, this disease is manageable. Let’s take a closer look at fibromyalgia and how chiropractic treatment can help. Fibromyalgia is considered a chronic medical condition and those who suffer from it as a result of their job may qualify for disability. Consulting with a workers compensation attorney is recommended to evaluate your options. What is fibromyalgia? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about 4 million Americans adults suffer from fibromyalgia. Those who suffer from this condition may experience pain and stiffness throughout the body, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances and other unpleasant symptoms. While almost anyone can be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is more common among  middle-aged and older adults in the workforce, and those with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Is chiropractic therapy successful? Chiropractic treatment is considered a very effective treatment for fibromyalgia. Getting a chiropractic adjustment improves lumbar and cervical ranges of motion, decreasing pain and stiffness. It is helpful go to an experienced chiropractor such as the Chiropractor Gaithersburg MD locals have been trusting for years. A study found the 60% of those who received chiropractic adjustments in addition to ischemic compression have improved sleep, reduced pain levels and decreased fatigue. How Chiropractic Therapy Works It is common for people with fibromyalgia to take prescription medications. However, these medications do not always work and may cause unpleasant side effects. That is why chiropractic therapy is so beneficial. During a chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor realigns the vertebrae in the spine that are not properly functioning. This is effective at reducing subluxation (the vertebrae's altered, non-functional position) and nerve irritation. It also increases range-of-motion and vertebra function. Chiropractors are trained to work with the human neuromus­culoskeletal system and can help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms caused by spinal joint irritation. Chiropractic Adjustments for Fibromyalgia When chiropractic treatments are performed with other types of treatments, they can improve fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia is considered a chronic medical condition, and those who suffer from it as a result of work may be able to receive compensation. An experienced workers compensation attorney is recommended to assist with your case.  If you suffer from this health condition and are thinking about filing for disability or workers compensation, be sure to keep all of your medical records from your chiropractic treatments. There is not a cure for fibromyalgia yet, but treatments like chiropractic adjustments can improve your symptoms and quality of life. To start feeling better, it may be in your best interest to set up a consultation with a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible. He or she can evaluate your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment. A Advanced Wellness Systems Pain and Arthritis Relief Centerpersonal thanks to our authors at Advanced Wellness for their insight into Chiropractic Care and Workers Compensation.