New York 9/11 First Responder Hospital Worker Bill Gives Workers 75% Workers’ Comp Benefits

Private hospital workers, emergency medical technicians (EMT's) and paramedics who were dispatched  to Ground Zero after 9/11 will be potentially the first workers in New York State Workers' Compensation history to receive 75% of their lost wages, as opposed to the traditional 66 2/3% rate of compensation, based on a new bill passed last week in Albany

This is a significant victory for these forgotten heroes of 9/11 and another victory for the hospital workers' unions in Albany.  As reported in Workers' Comp Central:

  • >New York Workers Compensation Alliance, which includes claimants' attorneys and other workers' advocates, praised the compromise bill Thursday.

    Troy Rosasco, co-chairman of the alliance, said a board member of the organization helped draft the legislation.

    "It is a great victory for some of the forgotten heroes of 9/11," Rosasco said. He said the bill will help bring parity with benefits already paid to public employees. "

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