New York State Senate Confirms Zachary S. Weiss as New Chairman of Workers’ Compensation Board

Zachary S. Weiss, Esq, a lawyer and long time confidant to Governor Eliot Spitzer, was confirmed late last night as the new Chairman of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board.  See Mr. Weiss' biography here.  The New York Workers' Compensation Alliance wishes him well in his new position and pledges to work with him and his administration to better the plight of New York's injured workers.

Despite his new position, the Workers' Compensation Alliance (WCA) has been working with the new Chair since earlier this year on such issues as the "Rocket Docket Task Force" while he was Special Counsel in the New York State Insurance Department.  In recent conversations with the Workers' Compensation Alliance leadership, the new Chair has stated a strong willingness to work with injured workers and their representatives to improve a system that has taken a decidedly "employer turn" in the previous administration.   

The twin goals of speeding benefits to injured workers and lowering employers costs are attainable. For instance, eliminating costly and unnecessary medical depositions would help both injured workers and employers.  In addition, the Chair will be overseeing the implementation of revised medical and vocational guidelines to help determine an injured workers' true level of disability and potential to return to work.

Again, the WCA welcomes Zachary "Zack" Weiss as the new Chair of the venerable and prestigious New York Workers' Compensation Board.  He is a sharp, well seasoned professional. Injured workers need a strong advocate in their corner.

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