NY Workers Compensation Board’s “Secret Committee” Proposes End to Due Process Hearings

It turns out that the infamous words of former NY Workers' Compensation Board Chairman Zach Weiss were prophetic: "There comes a time when due process must come to an end".

In an excellent in-depth story which broke today, Mike Whiteley,  the Eastern Bureau Chief of WorkComp Central, exposes the "secret 2015 Project Committee" headed by WCB Executive Director Joe Pennisi, which among other things, seeks to hurt injured workers by stopping due process hearings and driving both claimant and insurance carrier attorneys out of the system altogether.

Shockingly, the "2015 Project " Committee and various sub-committees have been meeting without any input from the primary stakeholders at the Workers' Compensation Board - injured workers and their representatives!  This "shadow government" has eerie "Dick Cheney" overtones. 

You can be sure that the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance, which exists to protect the due process rights of injured workers, will seek further information on the conduct of this rogue (operating outside normal or desirable controls) group within the Workers' Compensation Board.

On September 1, 2009, the WCA filed an extensive Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Request seeking all documents regarding "the "2015 Project" at the Workers Compensation Board and will share these documents shortly on this web site.  Other interested parties can do the same by email by clicking here. 

In the meantime, perhaps the "2015 Project" committee members should click here and learn something about Open Government and Government in the Sunshine in New York State. Stay tuned.

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