What Will NY Workers’ Compensation Look Like under Governor Spitzer?

Will there be caps on permanent partial disabilities (PPD's)?  Will the maximum workers' compensation rates for injured workers increase and by how much?  Will there be changes to the Section 32 settlement process?  Will the overall effect of proposed workers' compensation reform be a "net win or loss" for injured workers? 

Find out some of the possible scenarios this Friday! The New York Workers' Compensation Alliance (WCA) will be holding a Cocktail Fundraiser and Information Session this Friday, December 1st, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, at the new offices of our Counsel, Richard Winsten, Esq, of Meyer Suozzi English & Klein at 990 Stewart Avenue, Suite 300, Garden City, NY 11530.   Richard will update all attendees on the current state of workers comp in Albany.  The suggested contribution per attendee is $100.00, subject to annual donation limitations, payable to the "New York Workers' Compensation Alliance".

Please be assured that the Workers' Compensation Alliance stands firm in our belief that capping PPD's is harmful to injured workers in New York State and will result in many disabled workers  becoming welfare recipients and an additional burden New York taxpayers.  In addition, the Workers' Compensation Alliance firmly supports a long overdue increase in the maximum weekly compensation rates to reflect wage growth since the last adjustment in 1992.  Finally, the Workers' Compensation Alliance strongly believes that injured workers should have choice in selecting their own doctors for treatment of their injuries.

Please make every effort to attend.  RSVP to Don Shouldice (516) 594-0909 or Troy Rosasco (631) 582-3700 by November 30thHope to see you there!

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