Support the NYWCA 

The NYWCA is Uniquely Positioned to Protect the Rights of Injured Workers.
The NYWCA is uniquely positioned to protect injured workers and their right to representation, just compensation and due process before the Board.


The WCA has 4 contribution levels: 

PARTNER $3,000/year OR $250/month with 12-month commitment, 
Contributions may be paid annually or monthly. Director status is subject to the approval of the WCA Board of Directors.  

ADVOCATE $2,400/year OR $200/month with 12-month commitment. 
Includes recognition on the WCA website + link to firm website. 

PATRON $1,500/year OR $125/month with 12-month commitment.
Includes recognition on the WCA website. 

BENEFACTOR $900/year OR $75/month with 12-month commitment. 


What the NYWCA Will Do For YOU. 
The NYWCA Board will be meeting on a regular basis to discuss these and other developments and to take public positions in defense of our clients and our practices. We promise to provide regular updates to the IWBA contributors about issues that come to our attention, what steps we have taken, and why. Look for our emails and for new posts on the NYWCA web site.

How Can You Help the NYWCA?
Our ability to advance our mutual cause depends largely on the strength and unity of our membership. In the political arena, our strength will be judged by the size of our treasury and the volume of our voice. If we are to have an influence between now and the November elections, we must raise funds and we must do so quickly.

Renew Your NYWCA Annual Contributions – Or Become a Contributor to the NYWCA.
We hope that you will join or re-join as a contributor of the NYWCA. We hope that as many of you as possible will choose to become Partners and to participate in crafting and executing the NYWCA’s message and strategy as part of our Board.

No matter your level of contribution, we welcome your ideas, comments, and active participation. We believe that the NYWCA, while carrying out the function of a political action committee, should reflect the will of its members, who also comprise the membership of the IWBA.

Provide Extra Support for our Efforts by Providing a Supplimental Donation

The NYWCA has had great success this past year because of the efforts and extra contributions from many of our supporters.  We hope to count on that continued support this year.  The supplemental donation recommended is $1,000 per attorney in your firm.  If you are able to donate in addition to your annual contribution, please click on the button below.  We thank you for your continued support!

2023 Supplemental Donation Form