As many of you are aware the WCA has drafted a bill to remedy many of the problems with the current Workers' Compensation situation. 

We are pleased to announce that the WCA’s legislation now has both an Assembly sponsor and a Senate sponsor. The respective bill numbers are  A-7045 and S-5302. Click here for a full rundown on our bills. 

On our 9th Annual Lobby Day on May 7, 2019, we shared with those legislators and/or staff that would listen the horror stories we as practitioners deal with each day. 

Lobby Day however is only one day and only one visit. To be successful we, each of us, need to reach out and share these stories with everyone who will listen.  And we need to do it in an organized manner. 

The WCA needs your help. We are asking members to volunteer to reach out and speak to a legislator.  Start with your local representative.  Please take a few minutes and volunteer to make a visit. 

And of course your contributions are welcome.  While we hope you wil become a monthly or annual Member Contritributor of the WCA, we also sincerely apprectiate our friends and sponsors who wish to make supplemental donations as well.

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